What Bathroom Tile is Easiest to Clean?

Which bathroom tile is easiest to clean

Beautiful bathrooms are easy to come by (with the right styling and focus…) but clean bathrooms aren’t always just as common.

That being said, we’re not judging.

The bathroom can be one of the hardest rooms to clean in any home. From toilet grooves to dusty old units, the dirt can pile up quicker than anyone would like to admit…

So, let’s try to make life easier, by identifying which bathroom tile is easiest to clean, and take one more thing off the dreaded to-do list.

What Bathroom Tile is Easiest to Clean?

Larger Tiles

The first thing to consider is bathroom tile size.

Put simply, the smaller the tile, the more grout is needed, and we all know how dirty unattended grouting can get.

Small, mosaic tile designs are beautiful and (rightly) capture the imagination of loads of interiors fans, including us, but they can pose a cleaning problem with all the detail, grooves, and grouting.

We’re not saying go large, we’re just saying be aware!

Ceramic Bathroom Tiles

Now then, getting down to business we’ll start with ceramic.

Let’s face it, ceramic tiles are the bread and butter of the bathroom world. They’re a classic, and rightly so.

Endless variations in size, style and colour mean you’ll have plenty of choice should you go down this avenue and on top of that, they’re very easy to clean.

Standard bathroom cleaning products will do the trick but keep in mind, if you go for something slightly more niche, you may need to alter your cleaning as well.

Glass Bathroom Tiles

Next up, glass and glass tiles say one thing to us… COLOUR!

We love them and, in a lot of cases, think they’re criminally underused.

However, if you decide to go for a glass tile in your bathroom you will be glad to know that they are very easily cleaned, in a similar way to ceramic tiles.

Once again, standard bathroom cleaners should do the trick but if you happen to be working with a glass tile that hasn’t been cleaned in a while, a classic vinegar mixture should help.

Stone Bathroom Tiles

Stone tiles might just be our favourite style for the majority of bathrooms we see.

That being said, they’re probably the most difficult to clean simply because each stone will be slightly different in terms of texture, porous levels and reaction to moisture and humidity.

With marble, granite, slate and other options available, alongside colour variations, the choices can appear endless but we would recommend trying to find a balance between the right look and feel, as well as something that’s easy to maintain.

Constantly dirty tiles are the nightmare!

Matt or Gloss Tiles

The final element is the finishing glaze, which usually results in either a matt or gloss-style tile.

Like many aspects of bathroom design, choosing between matt or gloss is subjective, and primarily defined by your own personal style and taste.

However, there are a few things to consider, including the fact that gloss tiles reflect light (both natural and artificial) and as a result are commonly used in smaller bathrooms to open up the available space. Matt tiles are the direct opposite and tend to be more common in larger bathrooms.

Both are relatively easy to clean (if maintained on a regular basis) although gloss tiles are more prone to revealing soap spots and spills that have been left unattended.

We all know that #tileporn is a thing nowadays on the likes of Instagram (if you didn’t know, you do now!) and we’re not surprised.

Bathroom tiles can really help to define the look and feel of this important room so we would always recommend taking your time before committing to a particular style, colour or pattern.


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