What Bathroom Accessories Do I Need?

Bathroom accessories in a white bathroom.

What Bathroom Accessories Do I Need?

Whether you’re renting, renovating, moving in to your first ever house, or living in your forever home, bathroom accessories tie us all together.

Bit of a strange thought that?

It’s true though. We can all have different styles, different sizes of bathrooms, different budgets and so on, but all of us will need the majority of the bathroom accessories listed below.

Strangely, no one ever seems to warn you of this and then one day you’re left wondering why you still haven’t gotten around to buying a proper toothbrush holder.

No more! Read on, make your own list, and get it done.

Toothbrush Holder

I think we can all agree that loose toothbrushes are gross, leave unwanted toothpaste stains, and are prone to falling more than we’d like.

That means a proper toothbrush holder is a bathroom accessory you can’t ignore.

The main decision here is wall-mounted or tumbler (cup) based.

Soap Dish

First things first, obviously you’ll only really need a soap dish if you happen to use a classic bar of soap. Or even if you have a fancy bar of soap on display, because you can guarantee one of your guests will use it!

The soap dish then becomes an essential because nobody, least of all you, wants to see crusty soap gunk on your nice sink.

Toilet Paper Holder

Everyone should have a classic toilet paper holder (as in something that stands or is mounted beside the toilet with a fresh roll included) but not everyone has extra toilet paper storage.

We think this is a mistake.

All it takes is a little colour-coordinated box or crate to keep things tidy, within reach, and chic.

Toilet Brush

If you move into a new home chances are there won’t be a fresh toilet brush left behind in the bathroom, and if the previous owners have left theirs behind you need to GET RID ASAP!

After that get something nice, of a decent quality, and discreet enough to set beside or behind the toilet.


Not much to say here. Every bathroom needs a bin so don’t ignore this essential.

When it comes to choosing, the main considerations will be style, colour and size. Generally bathroom bins can be on the smaller scale so don’t worry about sourcing anything too substantial.

After that, we’d recommend choosing a colour that matches your overall theme and feel.

Shower Matt

This is probably more or less relevant depending on whether or not you have a bath-shower combo.

If you’ve got a self-contained shower, then chances are you won’t need a shower matt. If it’s a combo then beware the slippery, curved bath floor!


Extra soaps, earbuds, shampoo, toothpaste… It can all add up very, very quickly. Never mind any mention of makeup!

That means some form of bathroom storage is essential. Go for something multi-functional if you can, like a medicine cabinet with mirror, to save space if it’s of the essence.

Hand Towel

We’ve all been there.

You’re at a friend, or possibly a stranger’s, house and you use the bathroom. There’s no hand towel available and the only thing within reach is a still damp shower towel…

Don’t be that person! Have a common, smaller, hand towel available for everyone including your guests.

Floor Matt

A bathroom floor matt is always recommended.

It’s either that, or a loose towel thrown on the ground to avoid wet feet slipping and sliding everywhere and that’s never the best look.

Here we’d recommend something relatively small, durable, washable (obviously) and colour coordinated with the rest of the room. It’s also useful to have two, to allow you to alternate between them during washes/drying.

Bathroom Mirror

A wall fitted bathroom mirror is an essential but beyond that, it’s always handy to have a small, portable mirror that can move around the room, sit on shelves, units etc.

Shower Caddy

We think this is a philosophical question; are you a shower caddy person or not?

Some people don’t mind simply leaving shampoo and shower gels bottles on the shower floor. Others despise it.

Which side are you?

Wifi Speaker

We’re speaking from experience here. A good wifi speaker (specifically for your bathroom) is a godsend.

If, like us, you love your music, and more importantly your shower time singing, then this is an essential bathroom accessory. Thankfully there isn’t much to think about here.

There are plenty of stylish speakers out there for all kinds of budgets. Just make sure it’s waterproof…


We know, we know. Succulents are soooo “millennial” or “hipster” or whatever but we like them.

Not only that, but they’re perfect for the bathroom. You can go teeny tiny or huge, depending on space available, and most thrive in damp, humid conditions. See where we’re going?


Candlelit baths are definitely “bathroom? Completed it mate” zone so you might not be there yet (depending on the house you’re in) but everyone can have a bathroom candle, even just a showpiece on the windowsill.

Ps. If you have a candle that’s more than a showpiece (i.e. it’s actually being used) then they really help if you have to deal with any particular odours…

Did we miss anything? Let us know.


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