How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger?

How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger?

Unfortunately not everyone is blessed with a huge, luxurious bathroom.

Terrace houses, flats, apartments, and town houses, to name a few styles, don’t always facilitate the classic #bathroomgoals we all see on Instagram or Pinterest.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful bathroom to enjoy. You just need to work at it and address a few key elements…

Use Bright Colours

Can you paint a small bathroom black? Well, in short, no (but feel free to read our blog about it here).

That should be an indicator that bright colours are your friend when it comes to creating and designing a small bathroom that looks and feels bigger than it actually is.

Dark colours eat natural light for breakfast so ideally you want clean, bright walls to reflect those precious natural rays that stream through your window. If you don’t have a window that’s a whole other issue…

White, cream, light grey, pastels… All are potential options to help you create the feeling of more space.

Maximise Natural Light

As we’ve just hinted, in small bathrooms natural light is your greatest asset and number one friend.

Maximise it as much as possible!

Ideally this means avoiding any shutters, blinds or curtains. We know this isn’t always possible as you’ll want to retain some form of privacy from nosey neighbours and obscured/textured glass isn’t always a given.

However, you’ll want to find a happy medium and on top of that we’d recommend adding one or two mirrors to your bathroom setup to help with reflecting that beautiful natural light.

Use Multi-Storage Furniture

Floor and wall space are obviously of limited supply in small bathrooms and while you can’t get rid of your toilet, sink or shower/bath (at least we hope not) you can control your storage options.

Ideally you’ll want to source small, thin units with enough drawers for all the usual bathroom-related knickknacks. You could also get creative and try to use the valuable space underneath the sink, which is underutilised in a lot of bathrooms.

Finally, multi-functional items will be your lifesaver here. Essentially anything that serves a purpose but also contains storage so we’re thinking medicine cabinets with mirrors, units with space on top and deep drawers, and towel-rack radiators.

Focus on the Walls

Which leads us nicely on to your bathroom walls.

In a small bathroom you really should be aiming to use as much of your walls as possible, leaving that precious floor space as clear and uncluttered as possible.

The previously mentioned medicine cabinet and towel-rack radiators are a good start. As are fitted shelves, hanging units, toilet paper holders and hand-towel hooks.

Think of the options!

So there you have it.

Don’t look at your small bathroom and cry. Think of it as an opportunity to unleash your creativity in a cosy little space to call your own.

Bright colours, effective use of wall fixtures and multi-purpose furniture will allow you to enjoy all the usual essentials without tripping over your feet!


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