How Do Smart Bathroom Scales Work?

how smart bathroom scales work

It’s 2019 and everything (and we mean everything!) is smart nowadays.

Didn’t you know?

Smart phones, smart watches, smart fridges… The list goes on and with the rise of the Internet of Things that list is only going to get bigger but right now it includes smart bathroom scales so let’s dig in.

How Do Smart Bathroom Scales Work?

Smart bathroom scales are much like what you would expect.

In most cases they look exactly the same as traditional bathroom scales, and the only key difference is the fact that they automatically connect to your smartphone or device via WiFi or Bluetooth.

Through this two-way communication the smart scale will measure and record your latest data points and chart your progress (or lack thereof if you’re like us…) for future reference.

How does it measure all these data points?

The majority of smart bathroom scales will use something fancy called “bioelectrical impedance” to measure your numbers. This involves sending a low, harmless, electrical current through your body and measuring the results.

This electrical current moves quicker through water and muscle, and slower through bone and fat, so your results will begin to tell the story of your body.

After that you’ll be able to keep track of everything via an app which lays everything out in nice glossy charts, graphs and data sections. Most will also allow you to have multiple profiles for family members…and friends, if you’re weird.

Finally, as you can imagine there are a lot of smart scales out there so it’s worth pairing up with an existing app you already use (like FitBit) or doing your research before pulling the trigger. Almost all will work on both Android and iOS but it’s best to double check.

What Do Smart Bathroom Scales Measure?

Most smart bathroom scales will measure:

Body Fat Percentage


Body Water Percentage

Muscle Mass

Visceral Fat

We think you’ll agree that’s some interesting data so you’ll have plenty to dig into, or ignore depending on the time of year (we’re thinking we might avoid using it through the entire month of December)…

Potential Benefits

The benefits should be pretty obvious but in short, using a smart bathroom scale will allow you to quickly and easily chart your key body statistics without having to memorise them or note them down somewhere.

Also, whilst standing on a scale every morning or once a week will give you an instant snapshot, a smart scale will let you view your progress or journey over a prolonged period of time.

Potential Negatives

The negatives of a smart bathroom scale are similar to many other “smart device” negatives.

Namely, the reliance on numbers, the potential to obsess over said numbers, and the constant need for WiFi or Bluetooth to make anything work.

Overall we think smart bathroom scales are a good investment and a worthy addition to most bathrooms now.


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