Can You Paint a Small Bathroom Black?

Black bathroom

Can You Paint a Small Bathroom Black?


It never goes out of fashion, which is definitely a pro. However, it’s a deep, intense (and potentially foreboding?) colour, which on the face of it doesn’t exactly scream “relaxing bathroom experience” to us.

Either way, there will always be a percentage of people tempted to try it so let’s take a look.

Black Paint in Small Bathrooms

We hate to break it to you but black bathrooms and small bathrooms generally don’t go together.

Obviously there will always be exceptions but black, as with other dark colours, tends to consume natural light and natural light is one of the key elements to making any small room feel bigger.

See where we’re going here?

On top of that, small bathrooms usually have small windows or no access to natural right. If you combine this with black walls (or counter tops) then you could inadvertently be building yourself a bunker of sorts…

Large Bathroom Décor

There is more space to experiment if you’re working with a larger bathroom.

More space, bigger windows, more natural light… It all adds up to mean you’ve got more opportunity but the above points still apply.

Black walls will soak up all that beautiful natural light which might sound good for a cosy evening relaxing in the bath but it might not be as welcome on a Monday morning in winter when you’re desperately trying to wake up!

Black Bathroom Alternatives

You’re still interested, aren’t you?

Well luckily you can have your cake and eat it too (kinda).

Individual black walls paired with lighter walls, black counter tops, or black tiling, can all add together to create the darker theme you’re aiming for…without condemning you to showering in a dungeon!

What do you think?

Black bathrooms generally split the room like Marmite, so where do you stand?


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