Are Bathroom Extractor Fans Expensive to Run?

Are Bathroom Extractor Fans Expensive to Run?

Bathroom extractor fans might not be part of the beautiful, interiors-lead side of bathroom design, but they offer very real and practical benefits as part of any home.

Nowadays, extractor fans are par for the course in most modern bathrooms, but if you’ve recently moved into a new home lacking this feature, or are simply updating old rooms, then we would recommend this key addition.

With that in mind, costs are always at the forefront of any decision so let’s dig in…

Benefits of Bathroom Extractor Fans

If you have any experience in bathroom interiors, or even owning or renting a home, then the benefits of bathroom extractor fans will be pretty obvious.

Put simply, extractor fans will deal with heat/humidity, room moisture, and smells. You can decide which is the bigger priority.

From a homeowner perspective, the most important benefit is moisture control. Without an extractor fan bathrooms can become damp, humid and full of condensation.

The perfect conditions for the dreaded… mould!

Installing a reliable bathroom extractor fan will ensure that you, or guests, can quickly flick it on and remove heat and moisture from the room in a matter of minutes. This is essential for the long-term health of this room in your home.

Finally, UK landlords should be aware that extractor fans are a legal requirement in rented homes where the bathroom doesn’t have a window that opens.

Average Cost of Bathroom Extractor Fans

The benefits, we hope, are clear.

So what about the costs?

Thankfully bathroom extractor fans won’t break the bank, even for new homeowners with mountains of other costs out there!

A quick look on eBay or Amazon will reveal average fan costs ranging from £20 to over £100 depending on the style and quality you want. Similar costs will be found in most bathroom suppliers.

The biggest benefits from more expensive models will essentially be reliability (they won’t break down or need replaced as quickly), noise (or lack thereof), and an increased volume of air sucked through the fan per second.

Average Running Costs of Bathroom Extractor Fans

Moving on to average running costs of bathroom extractor fans, thankfully the numbers are easy to digest.

Essentially, running an extractor fan is very, very cheap when compared to other white electrical goods, and also when compared to the cost of repairing mould or damp damage.

At the time of writing, the average UK cost of a kWh (kilowatts per hour) is approximately 12.499p meaning to run an average extractor fan of 15 watts would cost approximately 0.18p for one hour of use.

This is obviously subject to massive change if, for example, the kWh price changes (which is does on an hourly basis) or if your extractor fan has a bigger wattage range, or a higher or lower energy efficiency rating.

Either way, essentially you will be able to run a good, reliable bathroom extractor fan for pennies per week!

There you have it.

Like we said, we believe extractor fans should be a staple in any modern bathroom nowadays.

When you consider the damaging effects of unwanted moisture and mould, alongside the social impact of bad odours (there we said it!), the benefits far outweigh any cons in terms of installation and running costs.

Go get your fan updated or installed now!


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