8 Small Ensuite Bathroom Ideas

Having an ensuite bathroom can be a luxury or a necessity, depending on your home and circumstances. Either way, it can prove to be a challenging bathroom space to design and use. 

Many modern homes come fully equipped with ready-made ensuites, but for a vast amount of older homes, they get squeezed into unused or previously unwanted spaces.

That means getting creative with your bathroom interiors…

Small Ensuite Bathroom Ideas

small ensuite bathroom

Recessed Shower Storage

This is probably our favourite idea for the tiny ensuites out there!

Recessed shower storage options are perfect for those of you lacking storage space, are relatively easy to create, and represent a novel addition to most bathrooms.

Despite the style, they’re still not that common.


Due to the size (or lack thereof) of ensuites, lighting generally isn’t a huge issue.

Having a natural light source is great but can be uncommon (due to ensuites being crammed into all the random spaces) so for most of us, one or two well-placed light fixtures should be enough.

The most likely combination will be a spotlight (or spotlights) and some vanity/mirror lighting.

Less is more…

Tall Free Standing Furniture

Ensuites are way too small to be making permanent design choices (other than the choices you have to make) you may later come to regret.

So, when it comes to storage and furniture choices, make them free standing and (ideally) taller than normal.

That way, you’ll have plenty of storage, keep floor space free, and can always rearrange or get rid if you change your mind or want to redesign in the future.

Corner Sinks/Basins

Depending on the size, and style, of ensuite room you have at your disposal, a corner sink could be a great option.

You’ll free up some precious floor space, use an area of the room that might otherwise go unused, and have something slightly different to your everyday bathroom.

Bonus points if you wall mount your taps to save on even more space! More on that later…

Vanity Units

The combination mounted vanity unit is IDEAL for small ensuites.

Mirror, storage and light source all in one? Pretty much perfect for small rooms.  

Wall Mounted Fixtures

Wall mounted… EVERYTHING!

Floor space is at a premium here (in some cases non-existent) so making ample use of your walls is highly recommended.

High shelving, toilet roll holders, towel racks (even better when combined with the radiator), vanity shelves and more should all be mounted to the wall if possible.

Use that space and keep the floor free. Your tiny (non-stubbed!) toes will thank you!

Wet Room Style

Wet rooms can be extremely practical, and potentially the perfect option for small ensuites.

By designing the room as one complete space, as opposed to closing off a specific shower area, you’re opening up extra floor space that would otherwise be unavailable.

Check out our feature on wet room bathrooms here.

Less Patterns

This might be a controversial one and really depends on where you stand on the minimal to extravagant line, buuuuuuut… We think keeping it simple in a tiny ensuite works best.

Patterns can be eye-catching but incredibly busy and over-powering, two qualities best left to larger rooms…

Try to create a sense of space with light and solid colours, or by using larger tiles.


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