10 Bathroom Tile Ideas for Small Bathrooms

tile ideas for small bathrooms

10 Bathroom Tile Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Small bathrooms can be tricky.

With the essentials taking up most of the room, and being non-negotiable, there isn’t a lot of room to play with.

That being said, the wrong style decisions can shrink the place even further whereas the opposite can have a similarly impactful effect in a positive way.

Bathroom tiles are one of those decisions and in small bathrooms they should be considered a key style element, so let’s consider the options.

1. Mosaic Style

Mosaic bathroom tiles might just be our favourite style.

No doubt you will have seen this classic before, but if you haven’t, the mosaic style is comprised of many tiny tiles put together in a decorative or creative fashion. The style can combine, or use one of, ceramic tile, glass or natural stone and there are thousands of styles to choose from whether you’re looking for something natural, industrial or wildly different!

There aren’t too many negatives here, although they can be difficult to replace if you damage certain tiles, and the biggest plus for us is just how eye-catching they can be.

In small bathrooms less is probably more, so think of using this style for a splash back area, one wall or many a small floor (although make sure to pick the right non-slip material!).

2. Light Bathroom Tiles

As a general rule of thumb, dark colours can be vary tricky in small bathrooms.

Get it wrong, and you could feel like you’re brushing your teeth in a prison cell every morning.

With that in mind it’s normally recommended to go nice and light when choosing your bathroom tiles. This could purely be based on colour, or a nice light natural stone.

3. Reflective Tiles

Similar to light bathroom tiles, something reflective will help if you’re trying to maximise natural light and create the sensation of more space.

Jewel-tone or glass mosaics, mirror effect tiles, metallic tiles, or anything with a glossy finish will encourage the light to bounce around your tiny bathroom, as opposed to swallowing it up!

It’s also worth considering one of the above styles/materials in a larger tile as this will give the light more space to bounce off.

4. Connected Colours

Contrasting colours can look striking and really catch the eye, but the reality is that they make the majority of small bathrooms look too busy and smaller than they actually area.

With that in mind, we think it’s important to connect or pair your tile colours with your floor and ceramics.

If you can, create a smooth transition between all key elements of the room to really get that feeling of space.

5. Geometric Tiles

Geometric tiles are the perfect way to add a little bit of something different to an otherwise normal bathroom scene.

As usual, geometric tiles come in a range of materials, colours and sizes but the unique selling point here is the shape. In many cases you’ll find hexagon is the most popular shape on offer.

6. Pattern Print

Similar to geometric (and cubism mentioned below) tiles, pattern print tiles are a really easy way to add a sense of colour and vibrancy to an otherwise plain bathroom setup.

There are hundreds of patterns to choose from. Our recommendation would be to keep it in line with the room as a whole and avoid contrasts if possible.

7. White Tiles

Ok, we know this might be boring but it’s a bathroom classic and if you want to keep things simple then white might be the way to go.

The key here is to avoid creating something that feels sterile or clinical, so consider what you can add to the bathroom, via accessories, to bring a little warmth into the room.

8. Large Bathroom Tiles

We think this is a bit of a personal choice scenario.

The battle between small and large bathroom tiles can be a bit of a Marmite situation (i.e. love or hate!) but large tiles do have their benefits in a small bathroom.

The biggest benefit is obviously a bigger reflective area but you’ll also have fewer grouting lines and the walls may seem less busy as a result.

9. Floor Tiling

We’ve briefly mentioned using some of these ideas on the floor, as opposed to focusing purely on your bathroom walls, and it can be an underutilised design space. Especially in a small bathroom!

10. Cubism Style

Cubism style bathroom tiles have been massively popular over the last few years. We can almost guarantee you’ve spotted them more than once on Instagram!

A bit like the geometric style (see above), cubism tiles are still a unique way to add colour and feature to an otherwise plain bathroom. In this case it’s less about the shape of the tile, and more about the design on top. Perfect if you want to get creative with a small space, whether it’s a wall, floor, or splash back area.

In this case, this is really just a taste of the options out there.

With colour, size, style and texture all to consider, the variations can be pretty endless…in a good way.


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